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Why use a recruiter?

That is an incredibly easy question actually. Why use a recruiter?

Only do so if you're interested in tapping into a pool of talent that isn't actively searching. Let's face it, job searching is time consuming. No one has time to scour the Internet, or monitor websites, to see when a suitable opening arises.

For those who are gainfully employed, and not ready to jump ship to any old competitor -- the right opportunity that they might actually make a move for -- will probably pass them by unless they develop a quality relationship with a  reliable recruiter who understands your career objectives and criteria for leaving. It's not always the case that candidates who are employed (and not actively searching for opportunities) are of better quality and caliber than those who are unemployed and/or employed but actively submitting their resumes....but the fact remains, that if a company is solely relying upon a candidate to seek out a job posting and actively apply to their job posting, they're only evaluating a sliver of the candidate population.

It goes without saying that, while many recruiters post jobs all over the place, that is not actually how we attract the majority of candidates that we represent. Networking, referrals, and cold-calling is really how it's done. A company’s in-house recruitment staff might have all the time in the world to scour resumes that are submitted by "active" candidates / job seekers, but, how much time do they really spend trying to poach qualified candidates from their competitors and, from a PR standpoint, does any company want to get caught doing that?

We think (good) recruiting firms serve a unique purpose that can never be replaced, and can be an invaluable resource, regardless of whether there is an overflow of "active" candidates from which to choose.


Welcome to the Management Recruiters of Union County, New Jersey website:
Recently our parent organization, Management Recruiters International, introduced the company’s new branding for all offices. As a result, we are now a part of MRINetwork, and the new slogan for the Network is “Experts in Global Search”.

Since 1984, the team at Management Recruiters of Union County has been committed to establishing a partnership with our client companies. As part of MRINetwork, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, the staff at MR Union County bring to your search not only our own 30 years of experience in your industry, but the combined power of over 750 offices worldwide.

Please browse our website, read about our Client and candidate services, and visit our staff profiles to learn more about the team of professionals at Management Recruiters of Union County that are ready to serve you with all of your staffing/employment needs. Prospective candidates can also click on the “Find a Position” tab to review our current openings.