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Industry Focus

Management Recruiters

Legal Division 


  • Partners
  • Associates
  • Counsel
  • Lateral Groups

Administrative and Management Division

Management & Administrative Support

  • Practice Managers
  • Business Development Mangers
  • Legal IT Managers
  • CIO
  • Paralegals
  • Litigation Support Analysts
  • Legal Marketing Specialists
  • Legal Public Relations

Public Relations

  • Public Relations Division
  • Account Executives
  • Senior Account Executives
  • Account Supervisors
  • Senior Account SupervisorsVice Presidents
  • Senior Vice President
  • Executive Vice Presidents
  • Managing Directors
  • Internal & External Communications

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales Reps
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Sales & Marketing Analyst
  • Sales & Marketing Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Directors
  • Sales & Marketing Vice Presidents

Banking and FinanceWealth Management

  • Wealth Management
  • Corporate Banking
  • Retail Banking

    So we may provide the bestselection of fully qualified candidates, Management Recruiters of Union County's research, recruitment and selection procedures are generally conducted on a national level. If global research and recruitment efforts are required, the firm is also able to draw upon our association of world-wide offices in our network.